Our Solution Is Your Solution

What We Do – Comprehensive / Enhanced

We provide an end-to-end Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) solution for your advisory practice…or, we can serve as an enhancement to your current investment team.

What You Will See – Build / Integrate / Manage

We collaborate with you to design, build, or rebuild your internal investment process and all the know-your-client documentation, marketing, and investment research that goes with it. We can mold our thinking to meet your current process, or we can integrate our end-to-end solution with your firm’s operations. We manage the investment process so you don’t have to.


Investment Process Building
Strategic/Tactical Investment Approach
Risk Questionnaire/IPS Documentation
Content Marketing

Asset Allocation Design and Management
Security Selection/Fund Due Diligence
Branded Research Reports
Client Meetings/Presentations

What This Does – Grow / Differentiate / Brand

  • Our solution allows your firm to focus more on growing the business and serving current clients.
  • Outsourcing investment decision-making puts your firm’s advisors at their highest and best use; that is, managing client relationships.
  • Our platform and our client-facing research output enhances your firm’s expertise and helps build your brand.
  • Our comprehensive solutions can help differentiate your firm from the competition.

Do you have a vision for your firm? - We can help you get there.

How We Are Unique – Answering Investor Needs

We specialize in an investment approach that is tailored to a client’s needs, their behavior, and the empirical findings of upside/downside capture.


  1. - Individual investor surveys suggest client wants and needs are not being met by most advisors. Our approach is constructed specifically to meet the stated desires of most investors.
  2. - Loss aversion can cause individual investor to make irrational decisions. Our investment philosophy may offset the anxiety born by loss aversion.
  3. - Empirical data shows that managing against market drawdowns can be more important for long-term returns than indiscriminately chasing a market benchmark. We believe adhering to participate and protect investment principles can best serve the investment goals of clients over the long-run.

Our Portfolios – Asset Allocation Components

We can tailor our investment process and asset allocation management to meet your style or product preference, or we can seamlessly plug-in the tactical and strategic portfolios we manage.

Strategic Dividend Growth - A concentrated portfolio of individual equities geared toward value-oriented capital appreciation and a focus on the cumulative power of dividends.
Strategic Focused Growth - A concentrated portfolio of individual equities dedicated to moderate-to-aggressive capital appreciation.
Global Equity - A tactical ETF portfolio designed to participate in equity market uptrends while protecting against market drawdowns. The portfolio’s exposure can range between being fully-invested to 100% allocated to cash/cash equivalents, depending on market conditions.
Global Fixed-Income - A tactical ETF portfolio that can serve as a core fixed-income sleeve across portfolios of varying risk tolerance.
Multi-Asset Income - An ETF portfolio balanced across the major asset classes and focused on generating an attractive stream of income with moderate risk.

Contact us – we would be glad to hear your story and happy to tell you ours.